Motion attracts people to the screen but video production requires considerable budgetary commitment. Evotion service does it more economically and on-demand.


What is Digital Signage?

It's a digital communication system of centrally managed displays connected via a network,  delivering targeting information to your audience.


What does Evotion do?

Evotion is a unique B2B video creation service for Digital Signage providing high quality template-based video content for news, weather or product footage material.

digital signage software from stinova

Why choose Evotion?

Evotion automates the costly, time consuming process of producing recurring video content. The B2B solution delivers video content up to Full HD right to your network.

digital signage solutions from stinova

How to get started?

Contact us with your requirements, content source and template ideas and we'll provide you a quotation for the service.

digital signage solutions from stinova

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